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EAC591 - Technical Report Writing Part I
(Prescribed for some Technology Students)
This subject is designed to prepare 5th and 6th semester students in researching, planning, writing, revising, and presenting a formal technical report in the student's program area. Once the student has chosen a topic, a series of shorter writing assignments such as: the Statement of Purpose, an Annotated Bibliography, an Initial Outline, and a Detailed Outline lead the student to the end of EAC591. Once in EAC592, a further series of shorter writing pieces follow the Rough Draft including: the Conclusion and Recommendations, the Introduction and the Abstract along with the formal components of Title Page, Table Comments, Lists of Figures and Tables, List of References and Glossary. Finally, an oral presentation on the report completes the requirements for EAC592.
Pre-requisite: EAC392
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